Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Modelling

I had been doing a bit of 'modelling'  a few months ago rather than layout building - been having fun with that even though I had to call it quits for the last few months due to other commitments, hoping to get back to it after Christmas, some of the stuff I have been working on is described below.

Austrains 35 Class

Had a bit of fun with this one - fairly nice model but I wanted to do a bit of work on it along the lines of working marker lights & cab light, I asked QSI via the QSI Yahoo groups if I could access the unused functions on their standard small steam decoder as used in the 35 & they advised I contact QSI Solutions, between Gerry Pruss of QSI & QSI Solutions we managed to get the marker lights to work. For the tender I used a 3mm Golden White LED and glued .5mm fibre optics into the LED - I then drilled out the tender marker lights and fed the fibres thru these. The front lights where a bit more difficult, I ended up using nano LEDS I purchased from NGineering in the States, I had to run some wires from the tender to the loco, at this stage it they are still a rough connection, I have bought some micro connectors made by TCS from MRC in Blacktown and they will be used to connect the loco & tender together, eventually.

Whilst mucking around with the lights I also ended up detailing the model a bit more - I ran the lubricating lines from the compressor up the boiler to the cab, also from the generator to the cab, a whistle cord to the cab etc, I also modified the tender slightly to be more in keeping with what I am after. Anyways I've included a few photos showing what I have done - will hopefully get round to painting the model soon.

Walthers turntable

Mate of mine was buying a Walthers built up Turntable from the State's and asked if I wanted one, he thought it could be made into a reasonable representative of the NSWGR 75' turntable. So once the models arrived I modified my one to be more NSW like - though not perfect it's good enough for me. What I ended up doing was re-planking the deck, making a more NSW like turntable shed - actually made 3 of them as 3 of us ended up buying one turntable each, making & installing a set of airtanks under the deck - still to go is the centre arch. Like I said I'm pretty happy the way the model has ended up - some piks follow.

Ohh well, that's it for now.

Cheers Alex.,.