Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Modelling

I had been doing a bit of 'modelling'  a few months ago rather than layout building - been having fun with that even though I had to call it quits for the last few months due to other commitments, hoping to get back to it after Christmas, some of the stuff I have been working on is described below.

Austrains 35 Class

Had a bit of fun with this one - fairly nice model but I wanted to do a bit of work on it along the lines of working marker lights & cab light, I asked QSI via the QSI Yahoo groups if I could access the unused functions on their standard small steam decoder as used in the 35 & they advised I contact QSI Solutions, between Gerry Pruss of QSI & QSI Solutions we managed to get the marker lights to work. For the tender I used a 3mm Golden White LED and glued .5mm fibre optics into the LED - I then drilled out the tender marker lights and fed the fibres thru these. The front lights where a bit more difficult, I ended up using nano LEDS I purchased from NGineering in the States, I had to run some wires from the tender to the loco, at this stage it they are still a rough connection, I have bought some micro connectors made by TCS from MRC in Blacktown and they will be used to connect the loco & tender together, eventually.

Whilst mucking around with the lights I also ended up detailing the model a bit more - I ran the lubricating lines from the compressor up the boiler to the cab, also from the generator to the cab, a whistle cord to the cab etc, I also modified the tender slightly to be more in keeping with what I am after. Anyways I've included a few photos showing what I have done - will hopefully get round to painting the model soon.

Walthers turntable

Mate of mine was buying a Walthers built up Turntable from the State's and asked if I wanted one, he thought it could be made into a reasonable representative of the NSWGR 75' turntable. So once the models arrived I modified my one to be more NSW like - though not perfect it's good enough for me. What I ended up doing was re-planking the deck, making a more NSW like turntable shed - actually made 3 of them as 3 of us ended up buying one turntable each, making & installing a set of airtanks under the deck - still to go is the centre arch. Like I said I'm pretty happy the way the model has ended up - some piks follow.

Ohh well, that's it for now.

Cheers Alex.,.


  1. Hi Alex
    Uneek make an etched brass kit for the centre arch. It was used for bringing the electric power in for the motor.

  2. Thanks Bob,
    Will keep a look out at the next exhibition I go to - sure beats trying to scratch build the arch.
    Cheers Alex...

  3. Alex

    How about a bit of information on accessing the extra functions on the C35 QSI decoder.

    Ray P